30,774,038 Government Employees. What Do They Do?

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There are 30,774,038 federal, state and local government employees if you count the 4.4 million federal contractors and 2.5 million grantees. Are we getting our money’s worth? America has sent 12 million high paying jobs and 56,000 manufacturing plants overseas. We now have 51.5 million low paying workers who pay few if any taxes at all. 27 million individuals and families with children received an average of $1,330 in welfare payments disguised as Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC.) With our declining wages and employment we might ask ourselves are all those people worth it.

Any government worker who participated in the surveillance and assassination of the journalist Michael Hastings needs to at least lose their job if not serve time in prison. Journalism for good reason is the only profession protected by the Bill of Rights.

The Transportation Security Administration says they have 50,000 employees. TSA has not found one…

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