why do they hate russia? – (en)

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The West is guilty of the same crimes it accuses Russia of committing.
Russia is not a superpower. Its population was shrinking, and so is its military, political, and economic might. Yes, Russians have their oil money to organise Olympics or buy fancy flats in London, but Russia itself is a far cry from the big nasty “bear” that was invading Afghanistan, when I emigrated from this evil colossus in search of a political freedom so lacking at home. Yet, this cherished western freedom is being threatened by a stifling hypocrisy.
For reasons that are both obvious and complex, Russia, the main heir of the collapsed Soviet Union, continues to be seen as an evil country. So any politician down on his luck – Senator McCain from Arizona is a case in point – is more than happy to invoke the ghosts of the Cold War and use Russia as a…

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