Current Events – US Asst. Sectary of State Victoria Nuland’s Expletive Creates European Union Crisis

It's the Women, Not the Men!

Victoria Nuland is not an inexperienced US diplomat trying to “prove” herself. She began her career in the foreign service, nearly 20 years ago, under Pres. Bill Clinton. Ms. Nuland, who is Jewish, has held numerous positions within the State Department including, Chief of Staff, Chief Policy Adviser, Special Envoy to Armed Services and State Department Spokesperson before being appointed as Assistant Secretary of State in February 2013.

And yet, you’d think she was a teenage girl, trying to impress the big guys, by her obscenity strewn, ill-advised and plain stupid comment she made during tense negotiations concerning the anti-government riots in Kiev, Ukraine.

Ms. Nuland was speaking to the US Ambassador to Kiev, Geoff Pyatt when she suddenly turned into a 15-year-old teenager, causing an international crisis.

Ukraine’s independence from Russia was declared in 1991 but the current problems began last November. At the time President

Viktor Yanukovych rejected a trade…

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