Current EVEntS – Valerie Jarrett To Validate Another Polarizing Pouch of D.C. Poop

It's the Women, Not the Men!

Ms. Jarrett was born in Iran, her parents are black, her great-grandfather was Jewish, she speaks fluent Farsi, she is a committed leftist, dates Muslim Ahmad Rashad and is Obama’s senior adviser. Gee, what a surprise.

Female, black,  Jewish, liberal and dates Muslims. Any one of those individual traits would define a typical Obama’ appointee, but with Ms. Jarrett, Obama has found his perfect appointee, as she rolls them all into one.

Valerie Jarrett’s title is Assistant to the President for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs. Quite an amorphous mouthful. So, what exactly does she do? Well, depending on how you look at it – everything or nothing. Jarrett has an “all-access” pass which gives  her the authority to show up at ANY governmental agency meeting, including the highly restricted National Security Council meetings. She routinely shows up at meetings about the economy, the budget or any other congressional, military or committee…

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