Middle class poverty, USA: Women forced to sell their own hair, breast milk and eggs to make ends meet as economic recovery fails to raise wages

Engineering Evil

  • The top Google results for ‘I want to  sell my…’ have been ‘kidney,’ ‘eggs’ and ‘hair’ since 2011
  • Websites have sprung up that allow women  to post their hair and breast milk for sale online
  • Long locks of hair can fetch up to  $1,500
  • Breast milk can sell for $5 an ounce  online
  • Egg donations nets up to  $8,000

By  Michael Zennie

PUBLISHED: 18:25 EST, 15  October 2013 |  UPDATED: 18:31 EST, 15 October 2013


Thousands of women across the country are  turning their bodies into ATMs, selling their hair, eggs and even their breast  milk to make ends meet as the economic recovery fails to bring wages and job  opportunities back to pre-recession levels.

Many of the women who are auctioning off  pieces of themselves are middle-class mothers who are struggling to maintain the  same standard of living for their children five years after the biggest economic  crash…

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