Islamic Jihadi Sacrifice; Its Explosive Religious Origins; What It Means For Western Civilization In General & Israel In Particular…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

Those who possess more than a cursory understanding of Arab/Muslim terror, also know that its genesis is rooted in Islamic fundamentalism; the underlying tenets of Sharia Law.

And while PA Arab terrorists spawn from a variety of splintered factions, a preponderance are Islamic adherents in toto. As a matter of factual record, ever since the accursed Oslo “Peace”/Death Accords – demonstrably delineated as Professor Louis Rene Beres deconstructs the tangled narrative of the “peace” process – the very same PLO/PA/Fatah “peace” partners, currently sitting across the table from Israel’s delusional leaders, were birthed from the PFLP’s Marxist roots. Their godfather, “Chairman” Arafat, received his KBG tutelage under their Marxist umbrella. You know, the very same terror leader who received the Nobel ‘Peace’ Prize, as he spoke from the halls of the UN with a schmatta on his head and a pistol holstered to his hip, proudly cursing…

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