Syria’s Gassed Kiddies: Kidnapped By ‘Rebels’ A Week Prior To Their Deaths! Where Does Obama Inc. Fit In? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

There are certain moments in time whereby the truth can no longer be ignored, even by the willfully blind, ignorant and truly malignant. And to make matters worse, ones hubris can often be the catalyst for the unraveling of events, still, faster…faster.

To wit, as more and and more bomblets come to the fore, exposing who the so called ‘rebels’ are, Obama and gang become ever so desperate to keep said truths from reaching climatic mass. A painstaking effort is operating on this end to interweave several commentaries through all their underlying context. Heavy lifting.

Ahh, in March 2013, this blog warned, Chemical Alert: Syrian ‘Rebels’ More Dangerous Than Assad’s Thugs, Al Qaeda, Salafists In The Forefront and few understood what the relevance entailed. But noted within was the foreshadowing of what has come to pass: ‘Alarming Footage: Syrian Rebels Used Chemical Weapons’ by Ted on MARCH 25, 2013…..By…

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