WAR (Mid East & Beyond) Prognostications From Foremost Strategic Nuclear Expert: Professor Louis Rene Beres Expounds…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

NOT unlike a slowly metastasizing tumor, or a lethal parasite, the Mid East is always a cauldron of regional menaces. At certain junctures in time the fires are on a slow burn and can simmer slowly, without evincing too much damage. Flash points. But rational folks also realize, if one pours gasoline into an open fire, well, MEGA explosions ensue. Such is the case when it comes to ‘managing’ the delicate storms in the Mid East. A high wire balancing act. A tightrope.  But just as there are maintenance regimens for some late stage diseases – thank G-d for that – so too are most of the region’s firestorms ‘manageable’, at least with proper hyper-muscle and deterrence factors.

That being said, one must possess intellectual awareness and integrity – from the get go – political posturing aside, to assert: sans interference from the Pyromaniac-in-Chief, certain fires would still be on…

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