Court: Federal Law Allows Lying in TSA-Related FOIA Requests

Professional Troublemaker ®

disscoverMoments ago, the remaining claims in my lawsuit stemming from being illegally detained at FLL airport and then lied to about the existence of CCTV video of the incident, were dismissed.

The questions before the court were as follows:

  1. Can the TSA (or local governments as directed by the TSA) lie in response to a FOIA request?
    Sure, no problem! Even the NSA responds that they “can’t confirm or deny the existence” of classified things for which admitting or denying existence would (allegedly, of course) damage national security. But the TSA? U.S. District Judge Joan A. Lenard granted the TSA the special privilege of not needing to go that route, rubber-stamping the decision of the TSA and the airport authority to write to me that no CCTV footage of the incident existed when, in fact, it did. This footage is non-classified and its existence is admitted by over a dozen…

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