Are Liberal/Progressives Crazy: False Consciousness in the Reign of King Barack

The Rio Norte Line

About six-years ago, during one of my occasional inter-marital periods, I found myself at a nice restaurant in LA, enjoying what I hoped would be a pleasant dinner and the beginning of an even more enjoyable evening.  My hosts for the evening were two very attractive female, doctorally-qualified Social Science professors, and the husband of the one I was meeting for the first time, who was a partner in a law or accounting or consulting firm.  I don’t have a clear memory of the gentleman, since I usually don’t remember other men, and that night the two woman professors were far more interesting.  My date for the evening was a beautiful woman with whom I had shared a bad case of “the hots” since my senior year in college, and my plan for the present, also shared I think, was to make up for lost time.  As the evening began…

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