#NSA Utah Data Spy Center 7 Times Larger Than The Pentagon

Lyn Leahz


Utah Data Center Is The 666 Surveillance System

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He works at one of the three-letter intelligence agencies and oversees construction of a $1.2 billion surveillance data center in Utah that is 15 times the size of MetLife Stadium, home to the New York Giants and Jets. Long Island native Harvey Davis, a top National Security Agency official, needs that commanding presence.


The Nazis were amazing record keepers, but this place could teach them a thing or two. Imagine a storehouse with every piece of data you ever created, kept and cataloged for all perpetuity? Welcome to the Utah Data Center.

His role is to supervise infrastructure construction worldwide for NSA, which is part of the Defense Department. That involves tending to logistics, military installations, as well as power, space and cooling for…

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