Samantha Power arrives at the UN dressed like a teenager

Refugee Resettlement Watch

On her first day at the United Nations, great friend of Valerie Jarrett and one of the chief architects (with Hillary and Susan Rice) of our Libya involvement, new UN envoy Samantha Power spoke to refugee kids dressed like a teeny-bopper going to the beach in a sleeveless, above the knee, tank-top dress (and it wasn’t very hot in NYC that day, so she didn’t have that excuse!).

LOL!  this is my outreach to the low information crowd!

I figured maybe she had changed clothes to talk to the youngsters, but no, if you check the news, this (see photo) is how she dressed to present her credentials to the august body.  Her attire is the equivalent of John Bolton arriving in shorts and a polo shirt!

Maybe I’m just too old fashioned and think women in power should be more professional looking.

And, we cannot assume she is sending…

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