Michael #Hastings & His ‘Mysterious’ Fiery Crash: Investigative Reporter Came Too Close For Obama Inc’s Comfort…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

There are many bugaboos used to silence truth seekers. The usual suspects are laced with charges of ‘racism‘. Big whoop.Thus, if you believe Zimmerman is innocent – despite his acquittal – you’re targeted as a vile ‘racist’, never mind that the arresting Florida Police Chief agrees with this blog’s assessment: Yes, Zimmerman was arrested to ‘placate’ the public! In a similar perverted vein, heaven forfend, if you voice opposition to the gutting of DOMA, you’re deemed an unrepentant ‘homophobe‘ – traditional family underpinnings and Judeo-Christian moorings, be damned.              

And the latest one is a made up out of whole cloth         ‘phobia’, ‘Islamophobia‘. Therefore, if you refuse to be silent, regarding the dangers of political/theo Islam, watch your back – literally. Sheesh. And there are too many other leftist silencers, but some…

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