The Obama White House: A Clear & Present Danger To The Jewish State, Convincing & Compelling Evidence…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

Let’s just dispense with all the mumbo jumbo and political doublespeak, hence, speaking truth to power: Yes, the Obama regime is an enemy of the Jewish State. Period.
EVERY time an opportunity presents itself, to stick a knife in Israel’s back, they jump on board. And those – outside and inside Israel – who still want to insist that Washington and Jerusalem are BFF’s, then just stick your head in the sand and cling to your ghetto mantra. Whatever.
HOWEVER, this address brooks no part of the regime’s betrayals, as well as their bold-faced lies, even though many in Congress support the Jewish State. A preponderance of Representatives fully understand that Israel is the U.S.’s only true and reliable ally, in a region surrounded by a murderous cauldron of anti-American/western populations. In fact, many Arab/Muslim citizens regularly exhort: Death to America/Death to Israel. How much clearer can they be? Is…

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