The Ruling Class Doesn’t Care What Others Think

Asylum Watch

At American Thinker, Joy Overbeck’s article, Tyranny Advances by Nibblesstarts with these eloquent words:

Increasingly, as the concentric circles of perfidy swirl around the White House like filthy water down a drain, there is tyranny. The government we pay for has turned on us, the body politic, as if it were a savage autoimmune disease attacking our most vital tissues.

To be sure, tyranny has advanced a bite at a time for over a century, but Ms. Overbeck rightly acknowledges early on in her essay that: “the exploratory nibbles have become extremely ambitious through the past four-plus years until now they’ve escalated to bloody chunks.” Although her essay is centered on the issue of the IRS targeting of conservative groups, her words in fact apply to all that we apply to Leviathan governments we have created at every level.

John Hayward has recently penned an excellent article about…

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