Rep Maxine Waters, Corrupt To Her Core, A Racist To Boot, Revealed Obama Inc’s Surveillance Game Plan…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

Hubris, foot-in-mouth disease (read: America’s VP, Joe Biden), or anything of said vulgar nature has always been around, especially within runaway power hungry circles. Phew. They just can’t cease blowing their own horns, however, they forget that others – aside from their champions and echo chambers – may very well be listening. Paying attention too. Besides, they are so full of their omnipotence they truly feel shielded. Oh, really? Not so fast.

As such, this site continually harps on the dangers associated with radical revolutionaries, aka the above described “untouchables”, detailing what happens when they grab the helm. Consider the following as prima facie evidence of said (preventable) disasters:

So when authentic revolutionaries hold the reins of power, what else can one expect, other than the expectation of zero privacy and  the gutting of the Constitution? – In this regard, the left, in tandem with willing RINO accomplices…

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