The High Cost of Central Planning

Asylum Watch

History is rife with the failure of central planning. Yet the political elites and the central banking elites refuse to believe that free  work better than what they can design. Central planning, by its nature, involves picking winners and losers. And, it’s no surprise to the readers of Asylum Watch that the losers are rarely if ever the rich. No, it’s the average Joe that has to pay the high cost of central  planning. There is no end to the examples we could review today; but let’s look at one area that hits the pocketbook of each and every one of us: gasoline prices. (Well, each and every one of you. Gasoline is essentially free where I live.)

In March of this year, Bloomberg Busibessweek ask the question “Why Abt Oil Hasn’t Cut Gasoline Prices.  The article points out that although oil production is the US is…

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