American Warriors (Previously) DENIED Legal Counsel/Due Process…Not So For “Soldiers for Allah”, Courtesy of Taxpayers! How Can This Be? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

You know the world is flipped upside its head – prostrating before Allah supine-like – when American warriors are (up until now) denied legal counsel, but Islamic jihadists aren’t. How can this be?

More to the point, what message is being sent to American patriots when soldiers/special forces are treated WORSE than “enemy combatants”, as they are denied their Constitutional right to “due process”  (, even as Obama Inc. opines otherwise. As indicated in a prior commentary, they have been ordered to keep their mouths shut – or else – even as an Admiral has gone “missing in action” –

Never mind that they are testifying today before a Congressional committee, but the implications are very clear – patriots would do well to watch their backs, lest they receive the back hand of the government! In other words, it may not be worth their efforts to set…

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