Al Gore’s Sellout Of America To Al Jazeera More Than He Bargained For: Its Intersection With (Additional) Urban Jihad…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

Al – the piggy – Gore got more than he bargained for in his MEGA cash sellout of American interests to Al Jazeera. In fact, others are in danger of becoming duly ensnared. Oh, the tangled web greed conceives, as both Demsters and (some) Repubs have equally sold out the national interest. Lower than pond scum. Vermin.

Most intrinsically, in light of the bloody handiwork of Isamic jihadists, duly reverberating due to Boston’s explosions, his dastardly deal with Al-Jazeera (the Brotherhood Mafia’s mouthpiece for western and Islamic ears, an outfit so rife with blood lust, even Iraq banned it from its airwaves…the charge: incitement – takes on even more urgency. It deserves the utmost Congressional AND public scrutiny. It dare NOT be confused/conflated with the spirit of “capitalist” ethos (a construct HIGHLY appreciated by this blogger), whereby the free market encourages corp and private sales. His sale…

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