PM Netanyahu’s CONTINUAL Islamic (& Leftist) Appeasement Endangers The National Interest…Intersecting With Jihadists In America…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

Lurking in the background always awaits a monumental, catastrophic and earth shaking price for national submission, and Boston’s jihad is one such explosive extraction. For if not for American leadership’s (an indictment of both parties) tolerance of (and in some instances collusion) Wahhabi-infused mosques all over the nation, the Chechen jihadists would have been left spitting in the wind, despite their desire to “please” their Pagan Allah –

Similarly, Israel’s appeasement after the 1967 war  (despite a hard fought win which was so spectacular in its CLEAR cut results…still studied in warfare colleges for its brilliant campaign is reverberating till today – . As a result, no rest for the weary….exhausting…Most intrinsically, there is no shelf life to submission for it always comes back to haunt, regardless of the methods employed. 

So, once again, Jews (MK’s too are given the boot) are ordered: stay…

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