Munged Wages: Or, Let’s All Have Our Minimum Wage Law

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States, Counties, Municipalities and other government entities with a modicum of legislative ability are rushing to get on the progressive wagon to follow an organization working hard to cajole elected officials to pass every law imaginable, so long as it fits the progressive/socialist mold.  It seems many government bodies have allowed themselves to be wrapped into the fold and are now full-time partners with organizations who care nothing about what conservatives may want; even though conservatives should have a seat at the table where the meat is divided, since they for the most part, are makers and not takers.

One progressive bunch hot on the heels of the heels trying to change all local and higher governments to suit their desire to control all facets of American life. Here is the link … you decide:

 They Say, “We Turn grassroots activists into progressive champions.” 

 And, they are serious as…

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