Do Your Homework on Islam

Taking Back America

by Ron McMullen, September 23, 2010

“I have put together a quiz, probably not one you would get in Comparative Religion or World History class:

  1. What great religion originated the term “jihad,” which means a permanent holy war against non-Muslims?
  2. What great religion since the mid-600s persecuted, executed, tortured, taxed, enslaved, beheaded and, more recently, bombed those who do not subscribe to their faith?
  3. Under the banner of what great religion, are men and, mostly, women buried up to their waists in dirt and stoned to death?
  4. What great religion permits and encourages the beating of a wife (with limits)?
  5. What great religion permits public flogging for a woman who shows too much skin?
  6. What great religion forces a divorce if one of the spouses defects from the faith?
  7. What great and peaceful religion orders the killing of any individual who attempts to mock or draw a caricature of the…

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