Chavez’s Eschatology & The Iranian Hitler’s…A Meeting Of The Anti-Western/Totalitarian Minds…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

It is hard enough to convince the “oh so smart” (left) set that they are full of crap, but it also takes considerable effort to demonstrate certain truths, even to those who are less indoctrinated. And when it comes to discussing the “red/green alliance”, well, it ain’t easy. Backbreaking labor.

Leftists pretend that patriots/nationalists have gone mental (think of all the eye rolls…oh, if only they became cross eyed in the process), for deigning to suggest that leftward thinking is in any way similar to Islamic mindsets. Never mind that they march, arm-in-arm, at many demos exhorting anti-Israel, anti-American/western vitriol. They just roll their eyes and behave like superior beings, if one dares to question their symbiosis. Not nice…not nice at all.

Most tellingly, this blog brings their alliance to the forefront and it is one of the main missions herein. Besides, there are so many proofs, often causing…

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