Someone Should Have Warned Us About ObamaCare

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Wait they did warn us.  We were cautioned time and again about this pig in a poke, but although we could read … we didn’t heed.  Much more important — the progressives among us in positions of power had to vote for it so they would know what was in it.  Well, more and more of the future damage and verification of the big lie that is ObamaCare is coming out.

New Mexico Watchdog has just posted a piece on their site letting us know we were the victims of a giant scheme.  For those voting for Obama in the last two elections; we hope you realize you are paying for your stupidity as your emptying wallet or purse hits you in your bounteous bottoms.  Click the link below to see the post at New Mexico Watchdog:

ObamaCare Stinking More And More

Thanks and a flap of the cap to…

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