The Reason Whites Are Doomed In America:

The Mad Jewess

The Reason Whites Are Doomed In America

When you listen to a WHITE HAG like this impossible young bitch, you will realize why we ‘evil’ whites are doomed.  The ‘minorities’ have serial enablers:  White Leftists who are absolutely clueless, young, dumb…and full of cum.  This stupid broad has NO facts on her Youtube, just spew of insanity that is unrealistic.  

‘Racism is racism’ says;  MegaHatLady on this Youtube, below.. now, to get white ‘liberals’ to see it…..

Just keep pretending that bad blacks are not murdering, raping and robbing white people.  Just because this girl married a black man does not mean this is not happening with black on white crime, illegals on white crime.

Mother, aunt of Georgia baby slaying suspect De’Marquise Elkins arrested for lying to police 
Karimah Aisha Elkins Katrina Latrelle ElkinsAntonio SantiagoThe mother and aunt of De’Marquise Elkins — the Georgia teen accused of senselessly shooting a 1-year-old baby to death…

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