Michael Bloomberg: Social Media Is Only Useful If My Peeps Are Using It

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BlumerBy Tom Blumer ~MichaelBloomberg

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is at it again, telling us peons that we’re not deserving of our full measure of yet another freedom, this time to express ourselves.

As reported by Dana Rubenstein at CapitalNewYork.com (HT The Blaze), “As it turns out, Bloomberg, the highest-profile cheerleader for New York City’s burgeoning tech scene, doesn’t really like the social media revolution upon which much of it is premised.” Excerpts after the jump reveal that Bloomberg wants tech, but only on his terms:

Last year in Singapore, he said social media makes governing harder, an argument he reiterated during a press conference at BuzzFeed in February.

And today, the mayor, who has a Twitter account managed by his staff, focused his criticism on Twitter and Facebook.

“Number one, I don’t understand why people don’t understand that anything you write, anything you send out, is gonna…

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