The Increasing Alarm Bells Re “Mama Janet’s” Shopping Sprees – For Billions In Ammo & Hardware Alike! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

Ladies and gents – regular readers are familiar with this blog’s hyper concern, regarding DHS and its “intentions”. So much so that its “strange” behavior has been featured several times.

But with each passing day, and with new drips and drabs coming to the fore, it is becoming frightening clear, as to what the Wayward-in-Chief has in store – for America! 

And once actual boots/hardware implant themselves on the ground, there will be nothing American patriots can do to stop them. Therefore, another recap is being given, in the hope it will wake up masses of Americans.

As a matter of record, Northeast Intelligence Network has been tracking DHS for some time, blaring its own alarms-

Yet one would have to be blind not to notice, that the “transformation” of America runs deeply alongside actions taken by DHS – In parallel.

Ask yourselves: Why are…

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