Valerie Jarrett Reigns Supreme…Even Regarding The “Kill” – Or Not – Of Osama Bin Laden…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

Previous commentaries proved the following: the tighter than tight hellish vortex between Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his alter ego, Valerie Jarrett. Their symbiotic melding of radical leftism and Islamic leanings is unprecedented, at least at the helm of America’s ship of state. To stress that they are twins, separated at birth, is to barely hit the cusp.  They are a beyond dangerous duo. Indeed, they are lock-step, joined-at-the-hip, some may rightfully suggest, Siamese. This is not a case of hyperventilating. Wish it were.

Why does the above matter, aside from the galling fact that anti-American Valerie Jarrett was never elected to rule the American roost? Even in a democracy, “advisers” are not meant to overstep certain bounds, but such is not the case with this dastardly tag team. Nevertheless, within every relationship, regardless how close, a dominant force usually emerges. Such is the case in this deadly tango. Guess which one…

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