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Was Rosa Parks a Communist?


Imagine The Reaction If Poor Aaron Dugmore Had Of Been Muslim And Bullied By White Children

Kafir Crusaders

On February 11th the parents of  9 year old Aaron Dugmore found their son hanged in his bedroom. The white British child had tragically taken his own life. For any parent to lose a child must be totally heartbreaking, to have your child commit suicide especially such a young child would be even more horrific for the parents. So spare a thought for the parents of Aaron and the pain they must be suffering at the tragic loss of their son and the issues surrounding his suicide. The reason that Aaron hung himself was because for months he had been the victim of bullying at school. Not just children being children ganging up on 1 for no particular reason. Aaron was the victim of racism. He was targeted by racist bullys at school. BULLIED FOR BEING WHITE BY  AN ‘ASIAN’ GANG

'Gone but not forgotten': Friends and family paid tribute to the young schoolboy Boy-9-hanged-bullied-white

The area is heavily populated by Pakistani Muslims, so its highly…

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Retired Commu-NAZI U.S. Generals & Admirals Breaking Oath. Demand ‘Action’ AGAINST 2nd Amendment

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I don’t give a rats ass what you traitors have done, who you fought.  All of your fights have been in vain, now.  HOW DARE YOU!  You just want to keep your pension plans.  Who’s kidding who??  You couldn’t have paid my Grandfathers and uncles who bled and died for this country millions of dollars to sell our Constitution down the river.

May God curse your cheating, treacherous souls.


The 2nd Amendment was written to keep the 1st Amendment intact.    If you don’t have your guns, you do NOT have free speech, you f’king leftists.

Hat tip:  Maziel

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US Concedes Claims of Taliban Attack Decrease Were False ~ Antiwar

STALIN-OBAMA: The WHITE HOUSE Threatened Lanny Davis, Too!

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Lanny Davis, that mush-mouse!  He is like the ultimate marsh-mellow man! If they are threatened by him, they are REALLY runnin scared!  Look at all of this OBAMA-GATE! All over the place! And, we will NEVER hear about this from the MSM!!

WASHINGTON — Bob Woodward isn’t the only person who’s received threats for airing the Obama administration’s dirty laundry.  It seems anyone is a potential target of the White House these days – even former senior members of the Clinton administration

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