You know somethin’s happenin’ here but …

by Claire  Wolfe via Living Freedom

As depressing as these last few months have been for gun rights and freedom, there’s a hopeful “something” in the air. It doesn’t always feel like it, but there’s a subtle freedomista breeze wafting.

Ronnie G. Barrett
Ronnie G. Barrett (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Those of us who’ve been around a while might be tempted to feel we’re reliving the terrible years of 1993-4. Those were the dark years when the Brady law and the ugly-gun ban clobbered us with a one-two punch and left us thinking we might never get to our feet again.

But Joe Biden is right. Oh, don’t worry, he’s right about only one thing, and actually only half of that. But the political climate around gun rights has changed.

He’s just wrong about the nature of that change — which, given that he’s a politician, I believe and hope he utterly…

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