Are Conservative Media Viable in our Low Information Age?


Low information voters have the most fun.
They must, since they are the majority and the majority rules.
Therefore, what interests them is the most important.

Michelle with BangsOne small step for FLOTUS, a giant leap for humankind.
Swoon, ye peasants, swoon! Bangs are in and that’s important. Ipse dixit.

Keeping up with daily Kos kerfuffles is wearisome because there are too many to keep track of, to write about or even to comment upon. Here are just a few, selected more or less at random:

Former Stenographer Secretary of State Clinton spoke with President Obama at ten o’clock on the night of September 11, 2012 and may have agreed to go along with the gag order clever idea of blaming the Benghazi mess on an obscure YouTube video. Less than an hour later, she released a statement claiming that the video had caused it; or did she?

Some have sought…

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