Illegal Occupiers Interrupt Issa At House Meeting For Unlawful Amnesty

The Mad Jewess

“Undocumented & Unafraid” is what these wretched sub-humans are screaming.

 I think that leftists should be made to pay for this.  They are the ones that want the illegals.  Does anyone know what illegals do?  Have you seen how they live?  I have.  It’s downright filthy.  Illegals take a dump and throw the toilet paper on the floor.  You should see the dumpsters outside of apartment buildings. They accumulate so much garbage, the trash mounts up, falls over the dumpster and at night, there are rats and cock-roaches.  Of course, the leftists do not know this because they dont have the courage to live in these neighborhoods. They just talk.  They should be MADE to live in these areas.

They have a country, its called Mexico-same as palis have a country called “Trans Jordan”.  But, do you want to know the truth of why the illegals are here?  The law…

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