Why do ‘The Young Turks’ hate White Southerners?

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Michael Cushman
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Leftist news commentators angrily attack Southerners

According to The Young Turks, a Left-wing political daily news commentary program that bills itself as ‘the largest online news network in the world,’ White Southerners are ‘losers’ and ‘traitors’ because they believe in self-determination and oppose blending their people out of existence. This was their response to a proposal by Mississippi State representatives to create a nullification committee to review Federal laws to determine whether or not they comply with the limitations on the central government set forth in the US Constitution. The Turkish hosts of this US program, Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, directly addressed Southerners and asked, ‘Ok, now you want to get your ass kicked again? Ok. You losers! Is that what you want? Ok. You un-patriotic, un-American people who are traitors to this country. Ok. So you were traitors before and we had to kick…

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