Now it begins!

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Shortly after delivering one of the most divisive inaugural addresses in American history, President Barack Obama doubled down on his ram-it-through strategy by sending out an email on behalf of his newly-converted permanent campaign instrument, Organizing for Action. Obama’s re-election campaign machine, Obama for America, has now been rechristened as a 501(c)4 lobbying group, Organizing for Action – and Obama’s already gearing up the machine for battle: Read more…


I’m not an Obama supporter, in fact I hate the deceitful bastard. I subscribed to keep abreast of what he’s doing. I got the email. Resist Obama and his cronies at every turn. Email below.

Bob —

I just renewed my oath of office to serve as your president for four more years.

Thank you for making this possible. It’s an honor to be your president.

Now it’s time to finish what we started — let’s get going.


P.S. —…

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