Leftists Are Awful People


Leftists are embolden and no longer scared to reveal their true feelings to the public.  While this is a tough time for Conservatives, in hindsight, I think we’ll look back on this period of history as being the time when the general public was educated about what Leftists truly believe.  And it should scare the vast majority of the human race.

I saw another example of Leftist ‘thought’ today when I saw a tweet from Soylent Green regarding this post by Matthew Bailes.

The post is entitled “Will Climate Change Ever Have Its Sandy Hook Moment?” and gist of the post goes something like this – The Neanderthals in the US have been finally shaken to their foundation regarding gun laws after seeing 20 elementary school kids killed by a an evil lunatic.  From his post (emphasis mine):

“So at this time of tragedy, when a mentally unstable, barely…

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