The Obama administration and the Department of Homeland Security keep telling everyone that the US-Mexico border is safer now than it’s ever been. Supposedly they have cracked down on illegal drug and immigrant trafficking, but that is not the same story being told by the ranchers that live along the border.Jim Chilton and his wife operate a 50,000 acre cattle ranch along the border just south of Arivaca, Arizona. He owns part of the land and leases the rest for grazing use from the state and federal governments. Five miles of his land is separated from Mexico by a four barbed wire fence which does little if anything to slow or stop the illegal trafficking.A few days ago, Jim 73 years young was patrolling part of his ranch when he happened upon the camp of drug smugglers. The camp contained food, water, clothes and large bales of marijuana wrapped in burlap. He notified Border Patrol agents and took them to where the camp was.

via Arizona Ranchers Demanding Protection From Armed Drug Smugglers.

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