In The End, We Win



What kind of monster goes into an elementary school and kills 20 kids?

What kind of God allows this to happen?

Where is the justice for this crime?

On Friday 14-DEC-12, In Newtown, Connecticut:

  • There were 20 homes that had the worst phone call they’ll ever receive.
  • There are 20 parents that must now prepare funeral arrangements instead of planning Christmas parties.
  • There are 20 parents staring at Christmas presents that will go unopened in 10 days.
  • There are 20 parents that are questioning their faith.
  • There are 20 parents who will be avoiding the rooms that were once occupied by their children.

I cannot fathom the depth of their despair these parents are feeling during this holiday season and truth be told, I get scared when I try to imagine it.

I prayed more today than I have done in a while.  I prayed for the Newtown, Connecticut community…

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