Beautiful: Senator McConnell Brings Obama’s Fiscal Cliff Plan to the Floor for a Vote – Reid Objects, Calls it a Stunt (Video)

Nice Deb

Was Obama’s offer serious? No, of course not, nor was Obama’s last budget which got defeated 99- 0  on the Senate floor, last May.

And so on the Senate floor, Wednesday,  Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell proved it by offering to give Democrats a chance to vote on Obama’s joke of a proposal:

Reid called McConnell’s offer a Republican “stunt,”but how is bringing Obama’s supposedly serious proposal to the floor a “stunt”? Is not the proposal itself,  with it’s tax hikes, increased spending, and elimination of the debt ceiling a stunt, and a really bad joke?(although McConnell did laugh at it.) Isn’t Reid really objecting to the exposure of the President’s bad joke and bad faith to the public, (even though the MSM will do its best to bury the news of it?)

Guy Benson of Townhallwrites:

Think about that.  The President of the United States, a Democrat…

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