Cartoonists Mock Obama’s Class-Warfare Agenda

International Liberty

I suppose I should write something serious about Obama’s class-warfare agenda, but I’m in Iceland and it’s almost time to head into Reykjavik for dinner. So let’s simply enjoy some humor that gets across the points I would make anyhow.

We’ll start with this great cartoon from Lisa Benson. In a perfect world, this monster would be named “Big Government.” But I’m not complaining too much since the obvious implication of the cartoon is that the soak-the-rich tax hikes will make the deficit worse – which implies that politicians will spend the money and/or that there will be a Laffer Curve response leading to less revenue than politicians predict.

You can see some of my favorite Benson cartoons here, herehereherehereherehere, hereherehere, and here.

Here’s a similar cartoon. But instead of feeding…

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