California – Now Number ONE in Poverty


[TWG:  Things in kalifornication sure have gone down the sewer.  Now, they’ve earned themselves a spot to slither around on the bottom of the sewer pipe.  While the State goes broke,  hollywood jesters continue to sing and dance for communism/marxism and open borders and voters continue to elect politicians bent on their total destruction.  Government bureaucrats have marched “forward” with using taxpayer funds to pay for gender “reassignment” for their psychologically deranged and an indefinite supply of condoms and sex kits for their festering mass of promiscious sluts.  Today’s California…. a haven for the world’s most despicable vermin.  They reap what they’ve sown. Let them rot FIRST.]


People’s Republik Of California Now #1 In Poverty

The brokeyest broke state in the nation (which means it is also one of the brokeyest broke entities in the world, as it has the world’s 8th largest economy) has long served as the…

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