Anti-semite Susan Rice gets defended by Obama for new position

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Just who is Susan Rice? Beside carrying the water, or lies for Obama on the now  famous five Sunday morning shows about Benghazi and the video, there is much more to fear if she becomes our Secretary of State. Obama, now the angry black man who said today at his presser he will not tolerate anyone who “besmirches” his gal Susan. His believer in R2P. First the Presser: The president calls McCain’s efforts to criticize U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice “outrageous

Frankly, I am sick as well that the GOP cannot mount a more substantial rebuttal of why she should not be considered for the post. Simply appearing on the Sunday show will not do it. So GOPers get with it. So, lets take a look. She, Samantha Power, and Hillary Clinton and their belief in R2P and their push for war:

Ever hear of Samantha Power? Now you have Susan Rice on your radar. Their background check is…

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