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History of Belgium (pic)

Thank You Barack Obama… 1/3 of Adult US Males Are Out of Work

Socialism is not the Answer

Gateway Pundit

Thanks to the the failed Keynesian economics of Barack Obama, one-third of adult men are out of work. And, he has the nerve to ask for 4 more years?  Really?The Manhattan Institute reported:

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Darkness Descending in England

Obama’s Rev. Jerimiah Wright says God Bless America, No God Dam America! I say…

Boudica BPI Weblog

…God Bless America, God Dam Obama and his entire corrupt lying administration. This Obama character has destroyed our economy. He tramples on our Constitution and is taking America into a dictatorship. He has proven by his words and deeds that he is anti our Judeo-Christian heritage and pro Islam. He is directly responsible for the murder of 4 American citizens, including an ambassador in Benghazi, Libya. He can’t say whether for 7 hours he watched them die or not. He can’t say whether he ordered support or not. WTF? He is saying that we have to wait until after the election for an investigation to tell us what he knew or did. He knows, we don’t need an investigation we need Obama to tell us the truth which will not happen. We need the MSM to investigate and report the truth which will not happen. The free press in America…

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Obama Signs Executive Order that Expands Homeland Security Mission in US

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