Ontario woman turns to Environmental Bill of Rights in bid to silence basketball-playing neighbour

National Post | News

When Anne Langdon moved into a rental home on a family-friendly, tree-lined Peterborough, Ont., street four years ago, she says she didn’t mind when her young neighbour would shoot hoops in his family’s driveway not far from her bedroom window.

But as the boy grew into a tall teenager, the sound of his basketball playing — which she said would go on for 20 to 40 minutes at a time — had the irritating effect of an “echo-chamber.” She complained to her neighbours, the Elliotts, who sympathized but said their son has a right to play basketball in his own driveway. To help dampen the sound and protect her window from being broken, the Elliotts’ handyman built a moveable wooden panel to roll in front of her window when their teenager, a promising basketball player, would practice his dunks. Ms. Langdon says she felt the panel was a deliberate move…

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