Allah in Arabic

Allah in Arabic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is no time for careful and lying talk to protect some fantasy of a person, Barack Hussein Obama. He is clearly transforming America into a subdued, controlled, and bloodied version of herself. He intends America to submit on every level possible to international laws, treaties, and Islam/Sharia. His legacy and gift to America is a double-barrel shotgun of “internationalism/globalism and Sharia/Islam.”

Obama wears a ring that says in Arabic, “There is no God but Allah.” According to Glenn Beck’s, he has confirmed through a Duke professor that the Arabic on Obama’s ring says the first part of “Shahada”: “There is only one God, Allah.” This is the same president who will not salute the flag, and says our “Star-Spangled Banner” is too violent for him.

Obama and Hillary have lied about Islam, defended Shariah law at every turn, and supported assaults on our 1st Amendment rights through Islamic UN schemes. The use of this little, obscure video and the murder of Ambassador Stevens is too seductive to ignore for a Chicago politician. This is the perfect opportunity to increase and grow the attacks on our 1st Amendment. Obama and Hillary are excusing this vicious Islamic terrorist attack, while blaming Americans and their speech for growing Islamic wars, attacks, and hatred.

via Obama-Islam and a sea of lies.