Whoa! Ohio Coal miners Fight Back Against Obama’s and Complicit Media’s “Absolute Lies” – Ask Him to Immediately Stop His False Ads (Video)

Nice Deb

It has come to this. Coal Miners in Ohio had to hold a press conference in order to combat the lies that are coming from the Obama campaign and his minions in the media about a rally they took part in back in August for the Romney Campaign.

The Politico helped spread the regime’s disinformation on Sept 20:

If some of the coal miners standing with Mitt Romney in his new campaign ad don’t look happy, it’s probably because they’re not.

The campaign pulled the footage for its new “War on Coal” spot from a recent Ohio rally that some coal miners complained they were forced to take a day off without pay to attend.

RT TV also reported: Miners forced to attend Romney’s rally.

The coal miners from the American Energy Corp. Century Mine told Obama and the media to stop telling “absolute lies”.  Obama’s TV ad  essentially accuses…

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