Disrespect for Personal Property, Personal Achievement, and Personal Dreams


BLOGGER’S NOTE: All too sadly, a significant segment of the American people cling vehemently to their supposed “Hope & Change.” Some are uncertain enough to be reached by facts, but still many, in spite of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, believe President Obama has accomplished, is accomplishing, or will accomplish something worthwhile if allowed to “finish what he started.” If I have the opportunity to ask what that might be, I have yet to receive an answer of substance. Most, I fear, simply do not get it. Jobs are not created by raising taxes on the job creators or by Presidential picks for bailouts(with tax dollars.) Healthcare cannot be “fairly” mandated upon those who cannot afford it in the first place – it is NOT a human right guaranteed by God or the Constitution (Emergency rooms treat ANYONE.) To say (and believe) “You didn’t build that!” is to…

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