The “Remain-Calm-All-Is-Well” Image of the European Crisis

International Liberty

Yesterday, I did a serious post outlining the absurd policies being pursued in France, Italy, and Greece, along with some much-deserved scorn for the throw-fuel-on-the-fire statist analysis of the International Monetary Fund.

Later in the day, I posted a cartoon about Greece and also included links to other amusing posts about the mess across the ocean.

Well, here’s something that is sort of in between those two posts. It makes a serious point, but in a mocking fashion. Sort of reminds me of the Kevin Bacon line – “Remain calm, all is well!” – from that great movie Animal House.

I especially like the comment from the Ugandan Foreign Minister. Who would have guessed that dozens of third world nations now have better credit ratings than their former colonial masters?

More seriously, the supporters of statism in Europe want everyone to blindly accept their assurances that the welfare state is…

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