Thank goodness Nancy Pelosi didn’t do this

Fellowship of the Minds

NY Daily News:  It’s one thing to have embarrassing photos online. It’s another to have  them exposed while you’re holding a political office. Let this be a warning—your  digital past can come back to haunt you! A candidate for Mexican congress is  looking to kickstart her campaign with a little T&A. Natalia Juarez (c.), a  philosophy professor who is running as a member of the Party of the Democratic  Revolution, rolled out a billboard recently showing her posing topless with six  other female members of the party. The billboards were posted around  Guadalajara, the mostly conservative capital of the western state of Jalisco and  Mexico’s second-largest city.

The Party of the Democratic Revolution is, surprise, a left-wing party in Mexico and an affiliate of Socialist International.  What is it with libs/socialists/ commies and their desire to be naked outside of the bedroom?

Thank goodness US liberal women candidates…

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