Who Will Stop the Power-Mad Man in the White House?


…..The New York Times piece makes sure to point out that Republicans should not criticize Obama’s insane power grabs, because Republican presidents have done it, too.

Yes, the 20th century saw a staggering increase in both Republican and Democrat presidents stepping out of constitutional bounds, but no Republican or Democrat in American history has done the unconstitutional damage to this Republic and violated so many laws and limits on his power as Obama has. None.

Who will stop this power-mad man in the White House? Who in authority is unafraid to hold him accountable for his lawless actions? Since I fear the fix is in on our national elections—through foot soldier Democrat vote fraudsters, remote voting machine hacks to undetectably change the results, and this new, international election results reporting firm, which removes local double-checks on vote totals—then it will literally take mercy and a miracle from the Lord to…

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