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Linerals never what to have a ‘meaningful’ conversation about ideology.  In their mind, you can either agree with them, or mock you for having the ‘audacity of hope’ to convert them to the truth.

There are so many examples of this in the real world from global warming, to ‘truthers’, to ‘birthers’, to economic theory, and one of my favorites below-The living Constitution’.

Top five cliches that liberals use to avoid real arguments

By Jonah Goldberg, Published: April 27

One of the great differences between conservatives and liberals is that conservatives will freely admit that they have an ideology. We’re kind of dorks that way, squabbling over old texts like Dungeons and Dragons geeks, wearing ties with pictures of Adam Smith and Edmund Burke on them.

But mainstream liberals from Franklin Roosevelt to Barack Obama — and the intellectuals and journalists who love them — often…

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